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Oriental & Area Rug Services


Area Rug Cleaning

One of our specialties is hand washing Oriental and area rugs. We offer free pick-up and delivery to our loyal customers on Bainbridge Island. Our hand washing process has been developed and fine tuned over the years and our continuous thirst for knowledge and improvement of our processes is continually evolving. Area rugs are amazing creatures. They take on a life and history of their own. They can last for many years, far out living style and their original owners.

That being said, well made and well loved rugs need special attention from life’s little occurrences. We take the time to inspect each rug, dust it to remove dry soils, soak it for as much time as necessary, rinse it for as long as necessary, and finally dry your wool and silk area rugs and carpets thoroughly.

For More Information on Rug Cleaning, please take a look at our   Hand-Washing Process

Area Rug Repair

At Koller Carpet Cleaning we pride ourselves in the types and qualities of the repairs and restorations we can offer our clients. Re-fringing, securing ends, hand-wrapping of side cords, fringe repairs, and sleeving are just a few of the restorative techniques we provide. All of our repairs are done by hand with a needle and thread to ensure the best color and construction match for your textiles. Whether or not we are working on a 100 year-old persian rug or a modern piece from Tibet, we will take the time to ensure that the repairs we provide will last.

Other Services Offered

Pick-up and Delivery: Complimentary Pick-up and Delivery of area rugs for Bainbridge residents is available by appointment.

Estimates: Estimates, Cleaning Tips, and Advice are offered at no cost or obligation.

Pads: Custom cut rug pads and underlayments.

Storage Preparation: We will wrap and prepare your rugs for a safe long-term storage. Improperly stored rugs are vulnerable to environmental damage such as mold and mildew. Rugs that have not been thoroughly cleaned, dried, and wrapped before storing are more susceptible to moth and rodent damage.

Storage: Short and long-term area rug storage available on-site.


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