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About Us

We have proudly worked and lived on Bainbridge Island since 1993.  Before that we called the east coast home. One of us has a Masters Degree and the other is extremely smart for marrying the one with the masters degree. Moving to the Island was a wonderful choice for raising our family and starting our service business. We are proud to call Bainbridge home and we enjoy working with and for our fellow islanders who know that our quality service is their best value. Since we arrived, we have been serving our community through both our business and our personal lives. We’ve volunteered in our children’s schools, little league, youth soccer, Kiwanis, and at the rotary auction. You’ll see us around town or at least see “Mojo” waiting in the Post Office or grocery store parking lot.

One of the biggest reasons we do this is because of the relationships and trust we get to build with you. Trust is something that is earned in any relationship, especially in a service business like ours. The people we meet and work for are the most important part of our business along with our employees. Our equipment and processes, although top notch, can be replaced, the people we know cannot, therefore every time you have Koller Carpet Cleaning come to your home, you won’t be inviting strangers into your home. Rather, you can expect the Koller Team to be pulling up in our big green van.




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